Dj Oscure featured in Going Places Documentary

I’m very excited to be a part of this awesome documentary  –  Going Places. Check out the trailer.

Going Places is a documentary that looks at the current state of dance and electronic music, exploring the undiscovered territories of where it’s headed…

“Going Places”

In this age of technology, music is being pushed to new boundaries and rapidly changing unlike ever before. Going Places takes viewers on a journey to experience music from the minds of the artists who are at the forefront of this evolution. The film examines the current state of contemporary dance and electronic music, the culture and discusses the undiscovered territories of where it’s headed.


We are passionate about capturing this moment in time where music and technology have merged, giving birth to new sounds and industries that have never been created or heard before. In this digital world, we are fascinated with the capabilities of creating and distributing music all on your own. Music is fusing together in a bright spectrum of new genres and subcultures. We are committed to telling the story of this evolution as we have seen it develop over the past 2 decades from first hand perspectives of the artists that have been shaping and defining the culture of electronic and dance music.