At the young age of 3 his Colombian parents gave him a set of claves. Two sticks which are used in salsa/cumbia music that set the tempo to which musicians play. Little did he know that this was his introduction to the metronome.  He played the claves on beat and on time while he would watch his family dance. He himself would get up and dance to the latin rhythms coming off the vinyl record player and get down and dance with his folks.  This was no surprise that young Oscure had rhythm early on.  You see he was always surrounded by music even before he was born, both his parents loved dancing and would listen to it constantly.  They would play everything from salsa, cumbia, merengue, to american music like disco and funk and 70’s.  This all would later make sense to why he always favored the syncopated beats of music.  He begged his parents for his first record and that was none other than “Saturday Night Fever” he was only 6 years old but knew good music when he heard it.

During his early teen years growing up in Culver City, CA his parents would listen to the radio to stations like “Might 690” but also he was discovering this new sound called Hip Hop on an AM station “1580 Day”.   Now a freshman in high school him and his little brother got a mixed tape from a new kid in school that just had moved from NY.  This tape would be their first introduction Hip Hop Dance Culture,  Djing and dance music.  This tape was made by a the one and only NY pioneer “Grandmaster Flash”. They would listen to this tape over and over and breakdance to it after school and whenever they had the chance.  At the time they did not know how the music was being changed back and forth until one day while watching MTV a new hit song came on, it was “Rock-it” by Herbie Hancock.  Glued to the screen since it was a cutting edge video at the time, the part comes in with Grandmaster Theodore and he starts to scratch a record. This blew their mind. They were like oh that’s how they do it and this would be the beginning of the Quest to learn how to DJ.  They saved up and his parents bought them each one radio shack turntable with pitch control. They saved up more allowance, worked on weekend odd jobs to save money and bought the radio shack mixer to go with it but it did not have a crossfader but at least they had a start. The obsession on djing stayed strong all through high school. They teamed up with other friends that liked to dj and MC, they would hang out after high school and practice their skills.  Oscure, DJ Ray , and Kurt(Big Boy) started djing some of the homecoming and school events.  Who knew that all these guys would later on become some of LA’s most talented Dj’s and MC’s.

Oscure and his buddies started a DJ company and would dj backyard bbqs parties and then started getting hired for weddings and events. Next thing was the Dj crews so they would play at events that featured dance crews from all over the west coast showing off the crew’s best djs. These parties would be in backyards, banquet halls, elks lodges and some nightclubs such as the Cover Girl in Culver City at that time.  Oscure at that time was going under the name of Oski-D.  He did end up with his first residency at The Cover Girl when he turned 21 but that club did not last too long.  Sometimes the dance crews did not get a long and too many fights would eventually lead to club owner not allowing these kind of events at his club. It was time for something new.

Oscure enjoyed the dance music of the 90’s to which he was playing a lot of.  The 90’s era is know to birth some of the best time for Hip Hop Dance music in history. But soon Oscure would be introduced to the beginning of House Music.  During the late 90’s records started to have a 4/4 beat remix people were digging this new sound.  He was invited to a club in Redondo Beach Pier “Happy Wednesdays” where he was introduced to House and Techno.  He would go every Wednesday after that with his brother and close friends.  They started to get flyers for raves and they went to their first Rave “Magical Mickeys” the rest is his rave history.  He was invited to this new after hours on Friday nights called What?.  He checked it out and saw that they had a funk and Hip Hop room.  In his mind he was like we can bring out gear and help them out this would be really cool to be a part of this.  So he and his buddy Terry (aka Cool Whip) and his brother would get an opportunity to dj at an afterhours in the LA Underground scene.  Doug and Chad that were running the What? afterhours night and gave them a chance.  They brought out their best sound, lights and even did loop projectors and lava lamps in that room.  The club owners were so impressed and enjoyed their music that Oscure and CoolWhip were to be residents in the Hip Hop and Funk Room.

Oscure played hip hop but would do a Funk set around 4-5am people loved it but Oscure was also falling in Love with Breakbeat Techno at the same time.  He was often torn but followed his ambition to play in the main room.  He started buying techno records since he loved it so much and would later start to play in the main room if some djs would not show up. He would do so well that he started to be asked to play in the main room and getting booked at other events such as Insomniac.  Oscure was finally in the LA Underground dj scene.  He was playing almost every weekend during the mid to late 90’s. He would play 2×4 sets with his buddy Fester(What? resident dj during that time) very frequently.  2×4 sets consisted of 2 djs and 4 turntables.  It takes skills but they had it and fans loved them.  Both would eventually play at the early Insomniac events and got booked at the first Electric Daisy Carnival, the first Nocturnal Wonderland put on by Pasquale.  Oscure traveled and played many other successful underground events throughout the US States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Since then he has maintained relevant and an important dj to the LA scene.

Oscure remains an integral DJ in the Los Angeles Underground Dance music scene. Djing, producing and remixing music under the moniker or DJ OSCURE, FUNKY GHETTO PHONICS, and SKAMA87. His friends and fans have nicknamed him the Godfather of Breaks in LA, not only for his dedication to the breaks genre, but for inspiring many upcoming DJs and producers alike. He is also the founder of LABA The Los Angeles Breakbeat Association which is his record label.  His current project has been on putting together an album of music he has produced over a span of 2 decades coming out at the beginning of 2017.

Oscure’s track selection combinded with turtable skills keeps the dancefloors lit with energy and good vibes.  There’s a reason why his dj schedule has not taken a pause since the late 1990’s. Make sure to catch Oscure’s set at his next gig your dancing shoes will be glad you did.