L.A.B.A. EP 004


His latest release on his own label Funky Ghetto Phonics. .

Track list

1 Do This Like I Can
2 Keep Rollin’ DTF 808 Mix
3 Keep it coming -Skylab 2000 Tribute Mix

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L.A.B.A. EP 002

May 2017

This release consisted 3 breaks tracks which include; an upbeat vocal wobble bass breaks tune featuring Lady C, a breaks track with a dubstep midsection and Hip Hop Vocal Samples, and an old school techno vibed breaks tune, the other two songs on this EP are a Funky House track, and a bass heavy infused downtempo track featuring vocals by Sarah Ball.

Track list

1 Beat Freaks (feat. Lady C)
2 Real Loud
3 Mayorka 
4 Sup Wit Dat
5 Higher Love (feat. Sarah Ball)




Feel The Anthem

Oscure remixes a classic techno tune with to a new House Classic Anthem.

Track list

1 Feel the Anthem